Founder  & Leader of  the IMobility: FutureVision  (iMFV) Collaboration Group  - Brochure

iMFV  Collaboration Group started in November 2009  and has been under the management of  MGH Future Vision Ltd   until September  2013.

 iMFV Collaboration Group is a trading name for Intelligent Mobility Future Vision Limited which is a private company limited by guarantee.

The Group aims to influence change by thinking beyond the horizon of the current technology; addressing problems related to the 'slow progress' in the evolution of Transport Systems towards multi-modality and true intelligence

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Activities include:

Within the Arab region Muna is focusing on developing ITS research projects involving private and governmental sectors, in collaboration with national,  international  research and funding bodies, to:

1. Build awareness of ITS and ITS research and its importance to the region.

2. Establish ITS regional requirement that are aligned with both regional governmental policies and other transport associated authorities and organizations.

3. Identify synergies between international and the regional research projects

4. Knowledge Transfer and training to encourage interested parties to participate in the development of ITS research projects that will benefit the MENA region in general.

Muna has been Director of Research at ITS Arab since 2009