MGH Future Vision Ltd. 

specializes in working on problem solving using intelligent techniques, developing fresh research ideas into innovative industrial projects to solve real-world problems.

The focus is on communicating new project ideas into research projects and new products. Bridging the gap between the Academic and Business worlds, with wide exposure to UK, EU and Middle East - Industrial and Research Environments.

Founder & Managing Director 

Muna Hamdi  PhD, MEng, BEng 

Muna has Expertise in UK, EU and MENA Region offering Skill such as Vision, Strategy and Policy Development, Technology & Smart Infrastructure, Project Planning, Evaluation and Assessment, Capacity Building, Stakeholders Facilitation, Teams Building, New - Organisations building & structure, Research and Higher Education, Future Technology - Events & Workshops Programme Design, Knowledge Transfer

Specialist Expertise  Muna is an independent Intelligent Systems consultant with particular expertise in Real-Time Dynamic Systems; leading a career that is focused on investigating methods that can be applied to optimize and control system’s performance in industry, commerce and public services. Working for projects that aim for better quality of life, increasing productivity and profits, by automating systems to work reliably at all times under variety of conditions. Career experience ranges in variety of projects, for example in:

  • Intelligent Transport Networks and Smart Infrastructure (Mobility), 
  • Hedge Funds and Investment world , 
  • Food Industry, 
  • CCTV Surveillance, 
  • Intelligent Lifts (Elevators) 
  • Telecom industries.

iMFV Collaboration Group Since 2008 until present, Muna has been working on solving transport problems by forming a road-map for the Future Vision of Transport and Mobility. Her focus is on transport systems integration and multimodal travel. With this goal in mind, Muna founded Intelligent Mobility: Future Vision (iMFV) Collaboration Group, where she started building the means that would allow the future vision of 'Seamless Travel' to come true. In September 2013 iMFV was registered as iMobility: FutureVision Ltd, a private company limited by guarantee (non for profit). iMFV Brochure

In the UK, Muna is a Member of
  • Shaping the Future of Portsmouth
  • UK Planning and Scheduling Group 
  • Women in Transport group 

International involvement  In additional to her involvement with transport innovation in UK, Muna is currently building the Future Vision of Intelligent Mobility in the Arab region - teams (iMFV in The Arab Region Project). I believe that the Middle East and North Africa act as a ‘Green Field’ with respect to transport systems, offering a unique opportunity to implement the future model of - ‘Smart Infrastructure’. She is also a Member of IEEE & IEEE ITSS

EU Futuristic Activities: 

Research Activities  Muna also work with many researchers worldwide. Where currently, she is a visiting Research Fellow to University of Huddersfield working in collaboration with Prof. L. McCluskey. Her main interest is in Real-Time Dynamic Scheduling, Autonomic Transport Systems, Condition Monitoring Systems, Simulation and Ambient Intelligence.

Arab & MENA Region   Muna is the coordinator and Principle investigator of the “iMFV in the Arab Region” Research Project; which focuses on creating the future model of mobility in Developing Countries, with active case studies in Tunisia, Palestine, Egypt, and UAE. 

Since 2009, Muna has been the Director of Research for ITS Arab organisation, focusing on building the Arab Research Knowledge-base and thereby increasing awareness of the importance of Applied Research in the field of Transport and Smart Environment.

(prior to 1990) I was one of the founders of Electronics and Computers Research Centre/Scientific Research Council, where I published my first Journal paper. My main research area was in Embedded Real-Time Microcontrollers Applications. I was also involved in a number of Knowledge Transfer projects and events that raised public awareness to the latest in computing technologies addressing for example, the Education System, Traffic Control Systems and General Public.

Membership of professional bodies:


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