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Kamal Daniel Yousif

Kamal Daniel Yousif MEng, BEng

R&D engineer providing Technology Solutions with particular focus in embedded design and interfacing skills.  For example, Interested in the design and development of embedded microcontrollers for data-acquisition systems.


Track Record:

 Senior Consultant Engineer of Automotive Test equipment’s.

       1- Design of Hardware in loop simulator for Engine Control Module (ECU) testing.

      2- Design and development of On Board Diagnosis systems.

      3- Design and developments of Automotive Sensor Testers.

      4- Design of a GSM/GPRS remote diagnosis system for automotives.

      5- Design of mass air flow sensor for automotive applications.

      6- Design of a GSM\GPRS vehicle tracking system. And monitoring system.

      7- Arabization of  cash registers for Quorion data system Company.

      8- Labview based point of sale (POS) software.

      9- good knowledge of Cisco switches and routers.

     10- Design of wireless networks for internet applications.

     11- Design of a Price checker system for retail store application

     12- Design of Low energy Bluetooth links for sensor applications

     13- Design of a new linear position sensor


1990- 2003       Senior Consultant Engineer, Lead Developer. 

1-   Design and development of GPS Navigation systems.

2-   Design and development of CNC machine controllers.

3-   Design and development of Pc-based data acquisition and control system for industrial applications. Design and development of embedded microcontrollers for GPS navigation systems.

4-   Design and development of FPGA based interface board for data acquisition and control systems.

5-   Design and development of embedded microcontrollers for data acquisition systems.

6-   Interfacing of I2C and SPI serial A/D convertors to embedded microcontrollers.

7-   Design of Pc-based cable tester for PABX cables

8-   Design and development of remote data acquisition and control system.

9-   Design and development of switch mode power supplies (SMPS) for PABX.

10-                Design of a high speed  PCI based interface for data acquisition systems.

11-                Design of Ultrasonic localization system for mobile robot.    

12-                Logic circuit design using PLD,CPLD,FPGA.

13-                Using Paradigm Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for software development of microcontrollers

14-                Graphic LCD interfacing and programming for GPS applications.


1985-1990        Research and Development Engineer/ Scientific Research Council 

1-   In circuit emulation and microprocessor development systems.

    2- Design of motor control circuits for robotics applications.

    3- Design of 8085 Microprocessor training Kits

    4- Design of Z80 based moving message display

    5- Design of a traffic light controller

    6- Design of PC-based EPROM programmer.

    7- Design of a Multiprocessor data acquisition system.

    8- Design of Ring local area network for PC

    9- Electronic circuit simulation using PSICE                                



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