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------------------------------  2014

Participating in:

September 2014:  Two iMFV Keynote speakers Presented in 

8th International Conference on Next Generation Mobile Apps, Services and Technologies

  • Under Publication  The Road to Smart and Sustainable Infrastructure: Changing the Mind-Set-Focusing on Transport Systems in the Arab Regions 

    • iHealth:New Project Broadsheet and paper 

----------------------------------------  2013 

  • iMFV participating in a debate promoting Cycling in Portsmouth 14th Nov 2013 - Do you have similar stories? models? where you are...join our discussion

Dr Muna Hamdi, founder and leader of Intelligent Mobility: Future Vision (iMFV) and ITS Arab director of research, told MENA Rail News that the first priority for GCC public transport planners should be multi-modal connectivity, providing seamless travel for people and goods between transport networks.

Dr Hamdi also stressed the need for integrated planning and regulation at the GCC level.

“The most important step is to develop a multi-modal GCC regional strategy that takes into account the rapid change in technology (planning flexibility) and economic growth, as well as environmental and cultural aspects of a healthy and prosperous society. The lack of convenient travel options for a considerable time in the Arab region, personal wealth and the availability of fuel have encouraged dependency on personal transport,” she said, adding that “adaptation to the local culture user needs and aspirations” was paramount.

  • Participating in ITS European Congress, Dublin, Ireland ,   6th June 2013,  ITS European Congress TS 25 - Solutions for region  Paper title 'EU – Arab Region Cooperation on Intelligent Mobility: Towards Unified Regional Strategy,  iMFV Group and Virtual Research Centre.

  • Participating in ARTS workshop Dublin June 4-5 2013, presenting' ARTS Application in the context of .the  EU and Arab region'  Muna Hamdi & Steve George, iMFV Group and Virtual Research Centre

  • iMFV in Egypt: proposing ITS Strategy Work Plan for Egypt in the : Mobility and Transport: Where next? Workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Cairo, Tuesday 14 May 2013 - as part of the Support to the Reform of the Egyptian Transport Sector (EuropeAid 129110/SER/C/EG)

Workshop Feedback 

  • 'Thank you for your participation and the thought-provoking presentationDr John Miles, Workshop Organiser, Ankerbold Consulting
  • 'I would like to express that I was very pleased and honoured meeting you in the ITS Egypt Workshop',  Rotary International. 
  • 'It is from my pleasure to attend your presentation, Obviously we can collaborate in the iMFV, esri Northeast Africa

  • Presenting 'iMFV & Enforcement in the Arab Region'  on the 1st May 2013,,ITS UK Enforcement  Interest Group at TRL, UK
    • iMFV  Interesting insights, shared her expertise generously
    • Fascinating.....
    • Interesting presentation Reg iMFV project but could have benefited from greater enforcement content
    • Good view point of other countries issues 
    • Trailblazing' presentation; key to reform is in changing driver behaviour in the Arab region

-----------------------------------------------------------      2012

Every new Arab city should be built ‘smart’, within a unified regional smart mobility strategy, believes ITS Arab research director Dr Muna Hamdi. “As most Arab countries have almost no legacy ITS systems, this enables us to benefit from international experience in avoiding past mistakes.” 
Hamdi highlights the importance of allowing ease of mobility in logistics and tourism for driving economic, cultural and social prosperity; by focussing on providing multimodal transport of people and goods; mobile data technology; and open data frameworks
ITS Arab covers 23 Middle East and North African countries. Its standards committee and architecture working group are currently reviewing existing international progress to help pave the way for interoperable ITS deployment.
Hamdi emphasises the necessity of an ITS framework architecture to address long-term needs and enable larger-scale future implementation. She is also building an Arab smart mobility knowledge base, initially covering Algeria, Palestine, Qatar, Tunisia, and the UAE. 

  • Gulf Traffic Conference

  • The Future Vision of iMobility in the GCC Region 
    Towards Unified Regional Strategy 

    The Future Vision of iMobility in the GCC Region provides an outlook to the benefits of having a unified Regional strategy that focuses on building, expanding and maintaining Intelligent Transport Systems and Services for people and goods as part of a wider Arab Regional Strategy and Vision for Intelligent Mobility. 
    A Regional Intelligent Mobility strategy will ensure the deployment of sustainable, integrated, cost effective Intelligent Transport systems and services that supports a growing economy and takes advantage of rapid changes in Transport Technology.

In May 2012 Dr Muna Hamdi the leader of iMobility: Future Vision Group and Virtual Research Centre (iMFV) founded the Palestinian iMobility team. This was followed by full collaboration with the Qdus Open University (QoU) and the British Council to launch the team in the iMobility day and discuss the first draft of the iMFV Palestinian case study.Dr Muna Hamdi emphasise that the next step of the team building in Palestine is crucial as the time has come for project identification & delivery. The Palestinian IMobility team founders will act as the steering committee to organise and direct the team future activities. However, without the participation of its members and the support of stakeholders that will be an impossible task

--------------------------      2011